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In 2003, Kansas resident Bill Bunyan set out to find the best hamburgers in the state, a journey that took him through each of Kansas' 105 counties. His quest eventually led him to Beloit where he discovered Plum Creek. It quickly became one of his favorite stops and, in 2005, was included in Bunyan's top twelve burgers in the state, as published in The Kansas Guidebook for Explorers by Marci Penner. So whether you stop in on a Thursday for Plum Creek's popular fried chicken special, drop by after work to sample one of their famous burgers, or come down on a Saturday night to try one of their expertly grilled, hand cut steaks, you're in for a treat.

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AboutPlum Creek - Beloit, KS

Springing from humble roots, Plum Creek began as a simple deli and meat market with a tiny kitchen consisting of just a sink and one stove. In 2001, then 19-year old Brett Wichers, its current owner, purchased Plum Creek. As Wichers soon learned, success in the restaurant business takes hard work and creativity. In fact, for more than a year after he purchased the restaurant, hamburgers and steaks had to be cooked outdoors on a wood burning grill because the kitchen was simply too small. Although cutting and stacking wood is not a typical task in the restaurant business, Wichers and staff did whatever it took to ensure Plum Creek's success. Rain, shine, sleet or snow, Plum Creek cooks braved the elements just to serve perfectly grilled burgers and steaks.

With Wichers at the helm, many changes instrumental to Plum Creek's future success were put in place, including building the kitchen out, removing the deli for increased seating capacity, expanding the menu and offering evening dining hours. Through it all, Wichers never forgot Plum Creek's simple roots and the hard work it took to get the restaurant where it is today.

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At Plum Creek, we understand that our success is the result of good service, great food and hard work. We also recognize that our success would not be possible without the valuable contributions of every member of the Plum Creek family. If you thrive in a fast-paced, team-oriented environment and have the drive to succeed, drop us a line and let us know what unique talents you can bring to the Plum Creek family.

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